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How to Open and Activate Your Third Eye

I have constantly jumped at the chance to think about the Third Eye as that scaffold between your Soul and the Universe. We are all Universe vitality showing as human, and it is the Third Eye where we hold the connection. The Third Eye is the birthing spot of your instinct and association with Divine Realms. By opening your Third Eye, it not just gives you access into the concealed world, however it likewise discharges feel great synthetic concoctions that can make your life on earth only that tad less demanding.

On the off chance that you need to upgrade your instinct and fortify your Divine association, your establishment will be your Third Eye. Anatomically, the Third Eye is likewise accepted to be the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is a vital piece of the cerebrum and is said to direct our fantasies, cognizance and capacity to see things that are not in this 3D world. At the point when your Pineal Gland or Third Eye is shut off, it can show as disarray, intolerance, a failure to see reality, feeling deterred from your motivation, negative feelings and it can likewise bring down your vibration.


The Pineal Gland is inclined to calcification and can end up closed off through poor nourishment, additives, added substances, inorganic sustenances, prepared nourishments and fluoride. In the event that you need to open your Third Eye, you first need to feed your Pineal Gland. By supporting your body with the correct sustenance and self-care, it will make it much simpler to hear your instinct, see auric vitality and access Divine domains. There are a couple of ways you can initiate your third eye, yet this strategy is one of my favored top choices. This activity is best done outside in nature and when the Sun is either rising, setting or at its most elevated point in the sky. You can likewise explore different avenues regarding doing this on the Full Moon.


Take your charged precious stone and place it amidst your temple, simply over your eyes. Take a couple of full breaths in and out and as you do this, picture the purple vitality of the amethyst going into your Third Eye and topping it off with actuated vitality. Hold the amethyst set up, close your eyes and turn upward straightforwardly into Sun. Enable the Sun to warm the precious stone and enact it. Once the Sun and your precious stone meet, take 7 full breaths in an out. (If you don’t mind be cautious of your eyes!) You may need to rehash this activity a couple of times, yet when utilized related to contemplation and a solid eating regimen you will be well on your approach to supercharging your Third Eye.


Note: Your Pineal Gland is set to discharge an enchantment liquid like substance when the Full Moon falls in your Sun sign. This by and large happens just once per year. I have not attempted it yet, but rather I envision doing this actuation procedure on your Full Moon would be amazingly intense.

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